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Move Over Resources

State Move Over Laws- Map outlining state move over laws.

Move Over Fact Sheet- Basic facts regarding move over laws.
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State Move Over Laws Chart- Chart outlining state move over laws.

Model Language for a Move Over Law- Developed by the National Center on Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinance

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California Roadshow Campaign for Move-Over Law
Is it true that a driver when approaching a CHP car stopped on the right is supposed to move to the far left lane if possible? "... Can you tell everyone about the "Move Over, Slow Down" law? I see so many drivers who fail to do so when an emergency vehicle is on the side of the road.
AAA, Georgia State Officials Encourage Roadside Safety
AAA officials are campaigning to remind motorists to recognize Georgia’s Move-Over Law, and other safety precautions, in an effort to protect everyone on the state’s highways and byways — from stranded motorists to emergency response vehicles.
In Texas: Move Over, Slow Down, or Get a Ticket
Police put their lives in danger each time they leave their patrol cars parked along a busy freeway. For the next two weeks, Austin officers are aggressively enforcing the state law that requires drivers to move over or slow down for emergency vehicles.
Tennessee 'Move-Over' Law: Stiff Penalties Imposed on Second and Subsequent Offenses
Because of the dangers faced by utility workers, who are often required to work near traffic, an expansion of the Move Over Law in Tennessee is designed to make their jobs safer by requiring motorists to move over when approaching utility vehicles working on the roadside. The new law went into effect on July 1. Stiff penalties imposed on second and subsequent offenses
Texas Police Look for Move Over Law Violators
Austin police are watching out for drivers who don't obey the state's Move Over Law.
Tennessee Highway Patrol Crash Example of Why You ‘Move Over’Updated
A Wednesday morning rear-end traffic crash that injured a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper is an example of the dangerous situations law enforcement face on the area’s busy roads, according to a crash investigator in Johnson City.
Georgia State Troopers Urge Drivers to "Move Over"
It's a law you may have never heard of, but it could help you save a life. The Move Over law is designed to protect emergency or service vehicles on the side of the road.
Tennessee Move-Over Law Expands to Include Utility Workers
An amendment to Tennessee's Move Over law went into effect on July 1, making it illegal to pass utility workers who are working on the shoulder of the road without moving over into another lane or slowing down.
Tennessee Move-Over Law
It's July 1 and aside from looking forward to a three-day weekend and Independence Day festivities, there's also a number of new laws on the books for Tennessee residents to consider.
Move-Over Law Expanded in Tennessee
The next time you see an electric utility vehicle working on the side of the road, slow down and give it room. The workers will appreciate your courtesy, and a new Tennessee law requires it.
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