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Editors Column

Good Bye to a Buddy

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let me share an important thought with you.  Life is precious my friends.  Unfortunately, far too many among us treat life like it is an endless event, staged for their personal benefit.  Then one day, poof, it is over.  What a sad way to live a life.


However, there are others among us who choose to live each day of their lives to the fullest.  They choose to savor each moment as though it were a fine wine.  More than that, they choose to give a lot more to others than they expect for themselves.  People like this are a blessing to us all. These special people are always in the midst of the hard work to be done in their fire departments.


They also give freely of themselves to those causes in which the firmly believe.  So it was with our dear friend, Joe Bukowski.  Sadly, Joe was called home on Thursday February 18.  He passed at his winter home in Clearwater, Florida.  Joe was a long-time member of the Aetna Hose, Hook, and Ladder Company in Newark, Delaware.


Joe was an active member of the fire company for a great many years.  He was serving as a fire police officer and had spent many years riding the ambulance and responding to fires.  Among the many additional duties he took upon himself were active service as the bingo chairman and as a long time Co-Treasurer for the company. He was a man upon whom you could always rely.


During his time with the department, Joe also served as a past president of the New Castle County Fire Police Association and the Delaware State Fire Police Association.  It is important to note that at the time of his death Joe was the Chief Financial Officer of the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen's Association (CVVFA) Emergency Responder Safety Institute.  


Joe was also a life member of the CVVFA joining in 1979 serving as the CVVFA President in 1998. Joe was instrumental in establishing the J.R. Haines and the Kenny Butts Memorial Scholarships for the CVVFA that provide assistance for worthy students entering the public safety field.


Joe retired from his career as a school teacher a number of years ago.  Given his ability to share knowledge and mentor many of his fellow travelers, it is easy to see why Joe was successful as an educator.  However, Joe may also be well-remembered for his ability to enjoy life.  Many among us will remember him for the times we spent together enjoying several of life's relaxing moments.


Joe has left a legacy of service for us all.  He has also left a big pair of shoes for us to try and fill.  And he has left a painful void in each of our hearts.  God Bless Joe Bukowski and all he gave to his family, his friends, his fire company and the C.V.V.F.A.  Our deepest sympathies go out to his wife Karen, his daughter Amanda, and her husband Sean, and his grandson Brayden.

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