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Louisiana: Move Over Law enforces road safety
A weeklong enforcement effort by state police is targeting drivers who fail to do so. Traffic Incident Management Awareness Week is being enforced through Nov. 21. The goal is to remind drivers of the dangers emergency responders face when they are responding to incidents or even pulling over a driver for a traffic violation.
Utah: Saint George PD launches campaign over officer safety
A recent string of traffic accidents involving patrol officers or their vehicles being struck by passing motorists is making a recent awareness campaign launched by the St. George Police Department seem especially prescient.
Campaign to educate, enforce Louisiana's 'move over' law
Every state in the country has a "move over" law, yet law enforcement officers still are dying from being hit by vehicles.Ten officers died in 2015 after being struck by vehicles, the same number as in 2014, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. Starting on Monday and through Nov. 20, the annual National Move Over Campaign begins, and agencies in Louisiana and across the country will be educating the public on what the law requires
New York: 'Move Over' campaign, enforcement happening this week
The state's "Move Over" law requires drivers to exercise due care and, if safe to do so, move over one lane to provide space for vehicles and personnel working on the side of the road. The law applies if the vehicles and personnel are law enforcement, emergency or hazard vehicles, like tow trucks, fire trucks or construction and maintenance vehicles, as well as volunteer firefighters, ambulance and sanitation vehicles.
New York: New law: 'Move Over' for garbage trucks
As of Tuesday, it will be illegal to speed past sanitation vehicles. By classifying garbage trucks and waste collection vehicles as “hazard vehicles,” New York is now the 12th state to enact a ”Slow Down to Get Around” law, which builds off the preexisting “Move Over” law.
New York: Staying safe while working roadside
Marty Rosokoff has been towing cars for more than 30 years. He risks his life everyday to help those in need of roadside assistance.
Oklahoma: Department of Safety Highlights Continued Need For Safety
The Oklahoma Department of Transportation and Oklahoma Department of Public Safety recently highlighted the continued need for Oklahoma motorists to be aware of highway workers and state troopers when traveling around the state.
Washington: State troopers show the dangers they face when drivers don’t move over
For Washington State Patrol troopers, one of their biggest dangers are drivers. In the past five years, 51 troopers have been injured because of drivers failing to move over.
Wyoming: New signs encourage motorists to 'move over for parked emergency vehicles'
Wyoming's move-over law requires motorists to change lanes to move away from parked emergency vehicles that are displaying flashing lights; on two-lane roads, or where traffic prevents a driver from moving over, motorists are required by law to slow down to 20 mph below the posted speed limit and "change lanes as long as it's safe to do so." Violators may be fined. The new signs are being installed statewide by S&L Industrial of Cowley
New York: Should the Move Over Law be changed?
You may already know when you see a police, construction or emergency vehicle with flashing lights on the side of the highway you move over a lane. It's a state law, but why aren't all vehicles part of the law?
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