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Blocking / Safe Positioning

The Resources in this category provide guidance on the use of vehicles to block the activity area and thus protect emergency responders and victims during an incident response on the roadways. In addition, how to safely position other vehicles in the temporary traffic control zone may be covered. Please note that a module on Blocking Procedures at Roadway Incidents is available on the Responder Safety Learning Network (
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Upload Date: 5/2/2019
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Best Practices for Backing Fire Apparatus and Ambulances Video
This video defines the important points in a backing up SOP, demonstrates a recommended backing up procedure using a spotter, and reinforces the importance of training on and enforcing the backing up SOP.
Upload Date: 7/17/2018
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MP4 Video
Blocking Procedures at Roadway Incidents
This downloadable video program is a short version of the Blocking Procedures at Roadway Incidents module on the Responder Safety Learning Network.
Upload Date: 7/18/2012
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Hardening Blocking Vehicles for Traffic Incidents and Planned Special Events
This report summarizes a workshop convened during the 2018 National Traffic Incident Response Awareness Week on how to harden blocking vehicles to protect responders and the public.
Upload Date: 4/2/2019
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State of New Jersey Highway Incident Traffic Safety Guidelines for Emergency Responders
This document provides uniform operational guidelines to ensure safe operations by emergency responders dispatched to incidents on limited access highways in the State of New Jersey. These guidelines identify vehicle safe positioning, common general safety, and onsite practices for all emergency responders.
Upload Date: 11/30/2010
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The First 15 Minutes - Decision Making at Roadway Incidents
This Power Point program provides training for responders on the first arriving apparatus at a highway incident. The first 15 minutes of an incident often sets the tone for the entire response. Learn how practices such as “windshield size up” can make the scene safer.
Upload Date: 9/6/2013
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Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Traffic Hazards to Fire Fighters While Working Along Roadways
This alert describes the hazards facing fire fighters working along roadways, presents two case studies, and lists recommendations for prevention of struck bys.
Upload Date: 1/7/2013
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Traffic Incident Management Area (TIMA)
Traffic Incident Management Area (TIMA)
Upload Date: 4/3/2019
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