Georgia: Bibb firefighter adjusting after life-altering accident

Nearly three years ago on July, 11, 2013, a driver struck Eric John, a Macon-Bibb Firefighter of 24 years, on I-75. It sent his body flying over a median and five lanes, leaving him unconscious. However, before he was hit, he pushed a deputy out of the way.

He woke up three months later in a coma. During recovery, John went through several obstacles. "I was going through a lot of infections, fever, and they even talked about, at one time, taking my left leg off," said John.

Now, after two years of recovery and eight surgeries, he is alive to tell his story and what he learned from this experience. "It's taught me a lot. It's taught me humility and taught me a lot about myself and a lot about others," said John. "It's humbled me a bit, too, and I've gained a lot of respect for people for helping me and helping me get back to where I was," said John.

John doesn't have any hard feelings for the person who hit him that day. He said they've become friends. "I understand that things do happen and I don't hold anything against anybody. So, it happened," said John. "It's all a part of the job."

John is one of the 20 public responders selected by OnStar to receive a donation of $20,000.

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