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Struck By Incidents

(VA)(05-23-2021) New Kent Fire unit struck while blocking on I-64

Early Sunday morning, May 23rd, NKFR units were on the scene of a crash on I-64 when a vehicle ran into a parked fire truck. While there is major damage to the truck, we are happy to report that no one was injured.

Wonder why we bring so much apparatus to these vehicle accidents? It’s because of situations like this. Squad 505 was doing its job by serving as a blocker, protecting those at the scene from drivers that fail to pay attention or are distracted.

A block is when an emergency vehicle is used to protect an incident work area by parking across a lane or lanes of traffic. Units are stopped upstream of the incident area and parked at an angle across a lane or two of the roadway.
New Kent Fire Rescue
New Kent Fire Rescue

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