Distracted Driving

The Resources in this category provide public education materials to combat distracted driving.

"It's No Picnic Out Here" PSA

This video is a 30 second public service announcement reminding the public that responders are doing hard and dangerous work to keep roads safer and that they should slow down and give responders room to work safely. The format available here is WMV for PC. For other versions, including QuickTime for Mac, please visit the "It's No Picnic Out Here" PSA page: http://www.respondersafety.com/NoPicnic.aspx

Upload Date: 12/21/2012

“Don’t Be A ‘D’ Driver” Handout

This “Don’t Be a ‘D’ Driver” public education handout [LINK] from the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association and the Emergency Responder Safety Institute explains how to prevent distracted driving and what to do when approaching an emergency scene on the roadway to protect responder and motorist lives.

Upload Date: 2/22/2022

Distracted Driving Awareness Poster

A poster of safe driving and anti-distracted driving messages for public education.

Upload Date: 4/4/2022

In Our Boots PSA: Generic 2021 Stats

Description: Thirty-second slow down, move over PSA showing what it’s like to operate on the roadway next to high speed traffic, highlighting emergency responder struck-by LODD statistics in 2021 combined with slow down move over and anti-distracted driving messages.

Upload Date: 3/4/2022

In Our Boots PSA: Mike Cox

One-minute slow down, move over PSA featuring Mike Cox, a firefighter who survived being struck in the 1998 Pennsylvania Turnpike Incident involving the Lionville Fire Department.

Upload Date: 2/23/2022

In Our Boots PSA: Steve Senn

Description: One-minute slow down, move over PSA featuring Steve Senn, an assistant fire chief who survived being struck in the 1998 Pennsylvania Turnpike Incident involving the Lionville Fire Department.

Upload Date: 2/23/2022

PIO & Public Educator Engagement Pushcard

This push card, sponsored by ResponderSafety.com, contains important safety messages for the public about what actions to take when approaching and passing an emergency scene on the roadway. The push card is appropriate for distribution at rest areas, service plazas, community events, community presentations, driver education schools, motor vehicle bureaus, and other driver information distribution opportunities.

Upload Date: 7/17/2018

Safe Driving Pledge

A written pledge for drivers to sign that commits them to avoid emergency scenes, move over and slow down, leave their phone alone, stay alert, follow traffic control instructions, and refrain from “D” driving.

Upload Date: 4/4/2022

Sarah’s Story

The Monroe County Intermediate School District (Michigan) in collaboration with the 1st District Court of Monroe, MI produced this public service video describing the experience of a struck by incident from the perspective of a teen driver who hit an emergency responder. Sarah’s Story was produced in 2005 and its content reflects Michigan traffic laws at that time.

Upload Date: 11/12/2021

Social Media PSA Leave Your Phone Alone

A short video Public Service Announcement on distracted driving meant to be shared on social media.

Upload Date: 7/17/2018

Struck-By Survivor Stories Video

What happens after an emergency responder is struck by a vehicle? Five emergency responders changed forever by a struck by experience tell their stories.

Upload Date: 7/6/2022

Train the Trainer: How to Give Effective Distracted Driving Presentations Webinar

This “How to Give Effective Distracted Driving Presentations” webinar from ResponderSafety.com and EndDD.org, delivered by Joel Feldman, covers strategies for addressing the distracted driving problem, how to talk to students about the risks of distracted driving, and how to craft distracted driving public education programs to reach the wider community. The webinar pays particular attention to the high school level because young adult and teen drivers are at increased risk.

Upload Date: 5/20/2022

Visitors Center Loop

This video loop is meant to be used at Visitors Centers. It contains PSAs for: Slow Down Move Over, It’s No Picnic Out Here, Move It, and Leave Your Phone Alone.

Upload Date: 8/6/2018

What To Do When Approaching an Emergency Scene on the Roadway

A customizable media advisory template to help PIOs and public educators get the word out about what to do when approaching an emergency scene on the roadway.

Upload Date: 7/17/2018

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