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Thank you for visiting the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen’s Association’s Emergency Responder Safety Institute websites, and Our sites are dedicated to the privacy of our visitors and registered users.

Registration: To enhance your experience, visitors will need to fill out a registration form to obtain a username and password that will allow you to view individual programs. By becoming a registered user of, we will track your progress through programs and alert you to upcoming programs and features. Our database was created to submit administrative reports that help us serve our registered users and improve the online experience.

E-mail Information: As a registered user of, we use your e-mail address as a form of communication between our organization and you. We will not share or sell your e-mail address.

Visitors to and (non-registered users)

Public pages that do not require registration on and do collect information as visitors browse these web sites. Some of the information recorded includes:

  1. The pages you visit.

  2. The IP address of the computer you visit from. Each computer connected to the Internet has a number address known as the Internet Protocol address (IP address) that is combined of four numbers separated by dots, similar to:

  3. The type of Web browser and the type of operating system you use to access our web site(s).

  4. The date and time you visit the site(s).

  5. The Internet Domain. Struck By Incident Reporting has a feature where visitors can report struck by incidents for inclusion in the site’s database. These reports are anonymous unless the user chooses the option of providing an email address. uses these optionally provided email addresses solely for the purpose of following up to better understand the details of the struck by report. We will not share or sell any e-mail address provided as a contact for a struck by report.


Cookies are data that is collected to uniquely identify users. There are two types of cookies that are used on the Internet; these include session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are used during your visit to and As soon as you close the Web browser, these cookies are thrown out. Persistent cookies uniquely identify information about the user’s computer. and do not use persistent cookies. and do use third party applications from Google and Vimeo that may set persistent cookies. Please refer the privacy and cookie policies of those entities for information on their use of persistent cookies.


If you click on links or access other sites through or, it is your responsibility to read that web site's privacy policy.

Privacy Policy Consent and will not violate its users’ rights to privacy when using the web sites. If or decides to change its privacy policy, we will post these changes on this page.

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