IAFC National Fire Near Miss Database

Under cooperative agreement with the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and National Near Miss (NNM), ResponderSafety.Com is pleased to offer its web site visitors the opportunity to search near miss reports involving vehicle roadway events in the NNM fire incidents database. The search function on this page searches the NNM database for reports in the "vehicle roadway events" category that match the keywords you type in the search box. Each report retrieved includes an event narrative, lessons learned, details, resources and weather, and outcomes. The full database of all fire near miss incidents reported to NNM and a database of law enforcement near miss reports are available at www.FirefighterNearMiss.com

Many near miss incidents occur during roadway responses, and these reports carry important lessons for all responders who operate on the roadway. Please visit the National Near Miss database to submit a report of a near miss incident you experienced. Data collection is critical to identifying root causes of near misses and crafting resources and training to address these root causes so all responders can operate safely on the roadway. ResponderSafety.com thanks the IAFC and National Near Miss for enabling us to make near miss reports available on ResponderSafety.com and for their work to incorporate into the database terms that describe the unique aspects of near misses that occur during roadway and traffic incident management operations. We encourage you to explore these reports to gain the benefit of their lessons learned and apply them in your own department.

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