Near Miss has long championed the need for data collection and analysis on near miss and struck by incidents. There are many factors that make this data collection and analysis challenging. There is no federal legislation that mandates the reporting of these incidents. Emergency responders to roadway incidents number in the millions and come from tens of thousands of different agencies, including fire, EMS, law enforcement, DOT, safety service patrols, special traffic control units, and towing and recovery. There is no central database or organization that collects struck by and near miss statistics for all these roadway responder groups. And, here are over 6 million police-reported traffic accidents every year , a number that doesn't include other roadway operations like public events and wildfires. It's a staggering number of agencies, personnel, and incidents to track.

Yet, we believe progress can and must be made. We have to do better because responders are dying every day on the job in preventable incidents at roadway responses. At, we believe we have to start with good data to understand what is happening at these near miss and struck by incidents so we, as a responder community, can design effective prevention strategies and put those strategies into action.

Please join us in this effort. Support these voluntary-reporting databases by submitting reports of near miss and struck by incidents where you have been present. That will better help us understand what we need to do so we can move forward to reduce these tragic incidents.

In addition, if you know of another organization collecting near miss and struck by incidents that took place during a roadway response, please contact us.

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