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Emergency Vehicles

Introductory paragraph: Emergency vehicles play may roles at the roadway incident scene. They transport responders and equipment. They warn traffic to move aside for responders en route to a scene. They store traffic control devices and response equipment so they is easily accessible on scene. They serve as warning to motorists that an incident is ahead. They provide physical protection for responders working on the roadway. The emergency lighting and vehicle markings on these emergency vehicles are a key part of their presence, activities, and notifications to motorists. However, these markings vary across states and local jurisdictions, which causes challenges for motorists because what they see and how lights and markings communicate to them is not consistent. On this page, we provide resources to help response agencies and governments think about the critical role lights and markings play in all aspects of roadway response and how to apply best practices to maximize responders safety in specification of these lights and markings and in SOPs for their use.

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