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PIO & Public Educator Engagement

Every day across America, distracted and uninformed drivers pose a major threat to the safety and wellbeing of first responders who risk their own lives on roads and highways to assist those involved in traffic incidents. Please join us to reach the traveling public with roadway incident response messages that will help keep them and your personnel safe. On this page, we have compiled the resources of most value to Public Information Officers (PIOs) who communicate with media outlets, as well as to fire and life safety educators and others within your department who communicate with the public. We encourage you to explore the full web site.

Video PSAs
Share these public service announcements with local media outlets or use them in presentations to educate the public:
Social Media PSAs

Visitors Center Loop Video

Media Advisories and Public Service Announcement Templates
These customizable templates will help you get the word out about important topics that impact the safety of first responders operating at roadway incident scenes. Each uses yellow highlighted areas to show where customization can be done. Use these templates as standalone, or connect their release to local incidents. When possible, insert local statistics or reference a local incident relevant to the topic.
Sample Media Contact Emails
Media stories on responder safety topics can be generated starting with a simple email. Download a template to help you craft these brief, quick contacts that generate interest.
Push Card
This push card, sponsored by, contains important safety messages for the public about what actions to take when approaching and passing an emergency scene on the roadway. The push card is appropriate for distribution at rest areas, service plazas, community events, community presentations, driver education schools, motor vehicle bureaus, and other driver information distribution opportunities. Download a PDF of the push card here. Printed copies of the push card are also available as our funding permits. Please use this link and list the following: Name, Address and Phone Number of Your agency as well as a contact person. Please advise how and where you intend to use the cards and the number requested.

This infographic displays some of the highest-impact facts and statistics about roadway incident safety. Unfortunately, we don't have all the statistics we would like, but many entities continue to work on sharpening the picture of the risks first responders and the public face at emergency scenes on the roadway.

Press Package
Download a Press Package to customize that includes all the resources above.

Backgrounders to Brief Department Leadership
These brief backgrounders are available for you to share with leadership: Free Training for PIOs
The Responder Safety Learning Network (RSLN) offers a short online training module specifically for PIOs who want to learn more about how to communicate with the media about roadway response safety topics. Take the module, "Traffic Incident Management: Strategies for Public Outreach" here.

This page was created as a one-stop resource for PIOs and public educators, but has additional tools that will help you write press releases and media advisories, prep your personnel for interviews on roadway response safety, educate the public, and connect the media to more information on safety topics when an incident occurs. Here are quick links: The resources above were selected for this page, but there are dozens more resources available, including ones to help your department operate more safely on the roadway. See the entire list here.

Near Miss and Struck By Incidents
Local incidents and statistics will help bolster your pitch for media coverage of responder safety topics. has several resources to help you find local incidents to tie into.
Case Studies: NIOSH's Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation Program
NIOSH's Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation Program conducts independent investigations of selected incidents of firefighter line-of-duty deaths, writes reports detailing the contributing factors, and recommends ways to prevent deaths and injuries. The program does not seek to determine fault or place blame on fire departments or individual fire fighters, but to learn from these tragic events and prevent future similar events. Completed reports are available online. Reports categorized as "Struck By" are full of contributing factors and recommendations related to roadway safety practices. View Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation Reports categorized as "trauma-related" and "motor vehicle struck-by."

If you have questions or are looking for something you can't find, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

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