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(AR)(06-26-2021) Police Officer Struck, Dragged, and Killed at Traffic Stop

(AR)(06-26-2021) Police Officer Struck, Dragged, and Killed at Traffic Stop
An Arkansas police officer is dead after a suspect struck him with his vehicle and dragged him during a traffic stop.

Pea Ridge Police Officer Kevin Apple, a 23-year law enforcement veteran, stopped a vehicle Saturday morning after having received a call to be on the lookout for a Jeep fleeing from Rogers, Arkansas, police officers.

Apple and Officer Brian Stamps soon spotted the Jeep at a convenience store gas pump, and the two parked on either end of the Jeep.

When approached, the driver of the Jeep reportedly rammed one of the cruisers, struck Apple, and drove away, dragging the officer while fleeing from the parking lot. Stamps fired at the vehicle but to no avail. Apple died at the scene.
Officer Kevin Apple
Officer Kevin Apple

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