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(MO)(2020-12-05) Moline Acres police officer dies after being struck during traffic stop

(MO)(2020-12-05) Moline Acres police officer dies after being struck during traffic stop
The Moline Acres police officer who was struck and injured by a Bellefontaine police officer Friday morning while on a traffic stop has died. It was confirmed Saturday evening Sgt. Herschel Turner who suffered two broken legs and facial fractures did not survive his injuries.
Police say the incident happened on Chambers Road and Lance Avenue at about 12:30 a.m. after Turner stopped a vehicle that was reported as stolen.
Moline Acres Police Chief Col. Gregory Moore said Bellefontaine police officers came to assist Turner in the traffic stop when things soon turned into a tragedy.
“He (a Bellefontaine officer) was assisting on the traffic stop,” Moore said. “Another Bellefontaine officer got behind the vehicle that was stolen and that (stolen) vehicle ending up coming where the other two officers were, lost control, and struck a Moline Acres police car. The officer (who was parked behind the stolen vehicle) chased him but to avoid that collision, swerved and struck my officer who standing up on the sidewalk.”

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