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(TX)(02-13-2021) Dallas Police Officer Fatally Struck by DUI Driver

(TX)(02-13-2021) Dallas Police Officer Fatally Struck by DUI Driver
DALLAS - Dallas Police Officer Fatally Struck by Suspected Intoxicated Driver on US75
Officer Mitchell Penton, a Dallas police officer was hit and killed by a suspected intoxicated driver early Saturday morning while directing traffic around an accident on the highway.

At around 1:45 a.m., the Dallas officer was blocking traffic with the emergency lights from his squad car turned on after an accident in the northbound lanes of North Central Expressway at Walnut Hill Lane.
A man driving a Kia Forte at a high speed hit the officer as he was standing outside of his patrol car to direct traffic from a previous incident. Police said the driver was found to be intoxicated. He faces a charge of intoxication manslaughter on a police officer and intoxication assault in connection with the passenger who was in his vehicle.
Officer Mitchell Penton
Officer Mitchell Penton

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