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ResponderSafety.Com Releases New Short Public Service Announcements on Safe Driving Practices

ResponderSafety.Com Releases New PSA's to share on Social Media PSAs Titled "Move Over Slow Down," "Leave Your Phone Alone," and "Move It" Are Suitable for Social Media and Public Education has added three new short PSAs to its PIO/Public Educator page to help communicate critical safe driving practices messages to the driving public.

The messages of the PSAs are:
  • Move Over, Slow Down: When passing an emergency scene, move over a lane and slow down to give responders room to save lives.
  • Leave Your Phone Alone: Don't reach for your phone to text, call, or take photos or video when passing an emergency scene.
  • Move It: When you are in a minor accident with no injuries and your car is drivable, move it off the roadway to wait for assistance.
Each PSA is about 15 seconds long, a perfect length for sharing on social media and distributing to local communities via all media outlets, including local news, local cable programming, and community events.

Every year, dozens of responders from fire, law enforcement, EMS, DOT, safety service patrols, and towing and recovery are killed and many more injured when they are struck by passing vehicles at roadway incidents. "These deaths and injuries are preventable," said Steve Austin, project manager for He continued, "By providing these very short videos with targeted, simple messages, we hope to reach the driving public with these critical things they can do to protect both responders working on the roadway and themselves. We are looking forward to working with PIOs, public educators, and the media to get these PSAs out there so we can bring down the number of secondary accidents we see at roadway incidents." The PSAs will be promoted on all social media channels, so please look for them to like, retweet, and share. and The Responder Safety Learning Network are a project of the Emergency Responder Safety Institute, a Committee of the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen's Association. The Emergency Responder Safety Institute (ERSI) serves as an advisory group of public safety leaders and transportation experts committed to reducing deaths and injuries to America's emergency responders ERSI is dedicated to the safety of these men and women by engaging in and promoting activities that include developing educational material to support responder safety training; promoting the National Unified Goal (NUG) for Traffic Incident Management (TIM) including responder safety; safe, quick clearance and interoperable communications; encouraging the development of TIM Teams, promoting collaboration, communication and cooperation among the nation's emergency responders and keeping emergency responders up to date on national rules, regulations and trends related to safe roadway incident operations.

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