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Traffic Vests and High Visibility Issues

Saturday, January 10, 2009
Get all your questions answered about high visibility garments, the new Federal Rule requiring vests or similar clothing on the roadway. Check the following sections of  the website for full information:
Videos- View and download the videos at the left hand side of the page. Be Right Be Bright and Accepting the Challenge to be Visible.
Power Point Presentation- Go to the Training tab, click on downloadable training. Download High Viz Vests Power Point presented by Chief Ron Moore.
Vest "Push" Card-Download a sample card ready for printing from the Training download section of the page. Print as many as you need.  We shipped 140,000 copies to various public safety organizations around the country. 
Vest S.O.P-Download a Vest SOP for your department

Federal Rule-
We have it. Download a copy from Training Downloads. Also download a letter from Federal Highway to us including the ANSI 207 Public Safety Vest in the Federal Rule
Ask We have posted the best questions and our answers about vests and the federal rule. Click on "Ask". If you can't find your specific answer write to us. We will research your question and reply.
Expert Analysis from Jack Sullivan our Director of Training- See
New Federal Rule 23 C.F.R. Part 634 – Worker Visibility (High-Visibility Vests) Compliance Guidance for Fire and Emergency Services Personnel. Jack's in depth analysis appears in the News and includes links to various source documents. "On the Highway We've Got Your Back"

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