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(CA)(07-04-2021) Pickup Truck Hits Firefighter, Two Pedestrians at Brush Fire

(CA)(07-04-2021) Pickup Truck Hits Firefighter, Two Pedestrians at Brush Fire
WATSONVILLE - A response to a brush fire turned to chaos for Watsonville firefighters Sunday night, July 4, 2021.

The fire department dispatched crews at about 9:15 p.m. to a small brush fire in a vacant lot on Miles Lane in Watsonville, according to Fire Division Chief Tom Avila. First responders had the fire nearly contained when a pickup truck drove past the scene and hit multiple cars and bystanders.

The truck traveled down Santa Clara Road before hitting a few cars. It then tried to move past the scene before it hit the battalion chief vehicle, according to Avila. The truck reversed course and backed up and hit more cars and a reported three people including a firefighter.

The firefighter was taken to Natividad Trauma Center in Salinas. He is in good condition as all tests came back negative and he was released shortly before midnight.

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