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United States Struck By / Vehicle Assault Line-of-Duty Deaths

On the map, click an icon for more information about that incident. More information about the map and a chronological list of incidents is available by clicking the arrow/square icon to the left of the map title. Share the map using the connected dots icon a the right of the map title bar. Enlarge the map using the bracketed screen icon at the far right of the map title bar. Zoom in and out using the + and - buttons on the map.

This map was created by Todd Leiss, Traffic Incident Management Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. The map covers known incidents in the United States from 2018-2020 with some additional incidents prior to 2018, when available data is more limited. Any omissions or errors in the map are unintentional and will be corrected as additional information is developed.

The map is a "work in progress" and Mr. Leiss invites interested parties to notify him of additional struck by/vehicle assault deaths so he can update the map. Please email with the name, department, photo (if possible), date of the LODD, and link to a news article on the incident (if available).

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