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Have You Ever Been a Target?
A great deal of my work here as your editor involves researching and writing about the highway safety problems which you and I face each and every day. You and I both know that it is tough out there on the highways and byways of our nation. It is my job to share some ways with you that can make your highway safety responses work a little bit safer.
Michigan Fire Department Highway Safety Effort
You and I have been on quite a journey. We have been seeking to make things safer for all of us who ply our trade on the highways and byways of the world. Yes I say world because our efforts here at have gone well beyond the borders of the United States.
Texas Police Step Up Enforcement of 'Move Over' Law for EMS Vehicles
About 700 people in Austin were ticketed last year for violating the Texas Move Over Act , which requires drivers to slow down or change lanes when passing parked emergency vehicles.
New Jersey Launches 'Move-Over' Law Campaign
It is indeed an honor to write about an effort which has taken shape in the State of New Jersey over the past several months. As you might recall, I wrote about attending the kick-off of our move-over law out on the New Jersey Turnpike early last year. Since that time a coalition has formed to bring the law to the public.
Missouri Move-Over Law
"In Missouri, when the officer gets out he has to position the vehicle, approach the vehicle and with that mindset he's gotta watch the traffic, he's also gotta watch the hands, and there maybe multiple occupants in the vehicle," Hull said. After a truck pulling a trailer rear-ended a patrol car and killed an officer, Missouri adopted the "Move Over Law.”
New York Police to Drivers: Move Over or Get a Ticket
It's not unusual to see someone pulled over on the Adirondack Northway. But now, when you see those flashing lights on the shoulder, if it's safe, you're supposed to move over.
Is it Us or is it Them?
This has not been a very good winter out there on the highways for the members of the fire and emergency services worlds. It has also been a winter to forget for our friends in the towing and highway labor industries. It seems as though I have been kept quite busy indeed posting the many line-of-duty deaths and struck-by incidents which have been happening across our nation and around the world. Like most of you, I have spent a winter fighting the effects of wind, snow, ice, and cabin fever
Frustration and Success
It is sometimes extremely frustrating to work toward such a nebulous goal as preserving and protecting the lives of people who are working or operating on the highways and byways of our nation. Do not get me wrong. It is a tremendously important and laudable goal, it is just tough to keep on punching when we see little change on a day-to-day basis. All of us here at know why we are doing what we do, and rest assured that we remain committed to making a difference. However
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