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TRAA Leadership Conference Tackles Problems

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Towing leaders from all over met in Alexandria, Virginia for the Towing and Recovery Association of America’s Legislative and Leadership Conference.

This is an annual event where towing company owners come from all over the United States to embark on this event. Committee meetings take place on the first day, followed by a day and a half of speakers, panels and information important to the towing industry around the country.


In the past couple of years Incident Management has been the topic of the conference with many speakers including FHWA representatives as well as Tom Martin from the I95 Corridor Coalition. This year, the agenda was changed to improving your business. In this enonomy, we all are struggling to try and improve our businesses tactics, increase our bottom lines and maintain our clientele.


Hazardous material clean up was the first presentation given by John Borowski as a source or finding new business opportunities. Business 101, ways to improve your bottom line was presented by Dr. Yolanda Smith, Professor of Northern Virginia Community College as well as Tom Tedford, VP of United Road Towing, Michelle Godwin, Partner in Tow Consulting Group, and Chuck Schmidt, owner of Charles Schmidt & Sons, Inc.

Radio Communications was a valuable session on what is coming in the future for radio communications and the towing industry. Important piece of information- Nextel will going away in the middle of 2013.

The last item covered was Regulatory Review. As motor carriers we are subject to Hours of Service and all compliance that entails. Cell phone use and hours of service are important topics to towers on the roadway. Joe Pedigo, Owner of Joe’s Towing, John Glass, owner of Morritown Auto Body and Towing, Jeff Roskopf, owner of Roskopf’s Towing and Michael Mcgovern, Attorney at law, gave a fantastic report on how these items affect our business.

There was a round table break out for all participants on Motor Clubs in your business.


It was well attended meeting by members and guests from all over. Another great job by TRAA staff.

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