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State Move Over Laws- Map outlining state move over laws.

Move Over Fact Sheet- Basic facts regarding move over laws.
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State Move Over Laws Chart- Chart outlining state move over laws.

Model Language for a Move Over Law- Developed by the National Center on Uniform Traffic Laws and Ordinance
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Maryland: Hit-And-Run Driver ‘Unapologetic’ After Narrowly Missing Firefighter
A close call for emergency crews in Carroll County. A driver smashed into an ambulance while responding to a call at a busy intersection, and then sped off.
New York: Should the Move Over Law be changed?
You may already know when you see a police, construction or emergency vehicle with flashing lights on the side of the highway you move over a lane. It's a state law, but why aren't all vehicles part of the law?
Ohio: Ohio officials remind motorists to move over for roadside workers
Mowing grass or cutting brush might not be high-stakes work for most, but for transportation workers charged with these tasks while hundreds of cars and semis whiz by at 70 miles per hour, it’s a job that can be deadly.
Move Over for Police; Maryland Tickets 119 Drivers
Police in Maryland ticketed more than 100 drivers on Wednesday as part of an initiative to curb distracted and aggressive driving.
It happens all too often on Houston roadways. An officer makes a routine traffic stop, and while the officer is outside of their cruiser, another driver speeds by - too close for comfort.
Michigan: Fire department’s post goes viral: Slow down, move over for first responders
The Dutton Fire Department's Facebook message urging drivers to slow down and move over for emergency crews has gone viral with more than 3,150 times.
Arizona: AAA urges drivers to ‘Move Over’
As 1.2 million Arizonans hit the road last week for the final holiday of the summer, AAA urged drivers to heed the state’s ‘Move Over’ law.
Arizona: Deputies warning drivers to move over or face big fine
About 1.2 million Arizona residents will head home from a Labor Day weekend road trip on Monday. But holiday weekend or not, there’s something all drivers should be on the lookout for while on the road.
Canada: Drivers rack up move over fines during summer long weekends in Muskoka
After over a decade since the Move Over law came into effect, many drivers are still ignorant to its existence and what it could cost them.
Florida: Road rangers warn of dangers due to distracted drivers disobeying move over law
First responders risk their lives every day helping disabled drivers, and a local road ranger told Action News Jax they often find themselves in danger because of distracted drivers and drivers disobeying the move over law.
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