Model SOG Available for Download on Deploying Cones and Flares at Roadway Incidents

Does your agency have written guidelines on deploying traffic control devices? Readers have contacted us  with concerns about how to safely set up Advance Warning and Transition areas at roadway incidents. CVVFA Emergency Responder Chief Instructor Ron Moore has prepared guidelines to address this potentially dangerous operation. The SOG is complete with color diagrams. Chief Moore has includes road flares as a part of the draft. We recognize that in some jurisdictions road flares are not deployed. If your department does not use flares our recommendation is to substitute with other MUTCD compliant traffic control devices.

Model SOG’s created by ERSI are always published in WORD Document format so they can easily be modified to meet the needs of local jurisdictions. We strongly recommend that all response personnel be trained on how to properly deploy these devices as outlined in this document.

Readers are encouraged to contact us should they have any questions about highway incident scene safety. We are always ready to answer your questions and requests.

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