South Carolina: New work zone safety laws going into effect in South Carolina

It's been two months since a hit-and-run accident on Augusta Road took the lives of SCDOT workers Anthony Redmond and Robert Clark.

This week, Governor Henry McMaster will sign a bill that will increase fines for reckless driving and negligence in work zones across the state.

Anyone speeding in a work zone can face up to a $1,000 dollar fine. If a worker is hit and injured, the fine jumps to $2,000 dollars.

Lawmakers are also increasing the number of points that person gets on their license. Speeding in a work zone is 2 points, if a worker is injured, 4 points, and if the worker suffers great bodily harm, 6 points.

Some SCDOT worker family members say they are happy with what lawmakers are doing, but they wish two lives didn't have to go for work zone safety to become a priority.

"I don't think it should've taken this for it to pass. I think it should of been passed a long time ago" said Carla Rentschler.

She says drivers should respect those out working on our roads.

"They're putting their lives in danger for us. So many families end up losing their fathers, their dads, uncles and grandfathers, and it shouldn't take that" said Rentschler.

Senator Larry Grooms, who is apart of the senate transportation committee, says the governor is expected to sign the bill into law at the end of this week. The law will go into effect immediately.

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