Georgia: Ringgold community holds benefit concert for injured police officer

The Ringgold community is rallying behind one of their own police officers hurt in the line of duty. Detective Wilborn Dycus of the Ringgold Police Department was badly hurt after he was hit by a car while working to clean a bad accident on Interstate 75.

The post says officers were working to clear the scene when a motorist failed to abide by the "Move Over" law and struck two RPD vehicles that had their blue lights activated.

That was back in June.

Saturday, the community held a benefit concert to help raise money for Dycus' medical expenses."Officer Dycus, obviously is not going to be able to work for probably six to seven months. I know he has insurance, there's a lot of deductibles that have to be met but Officer Dycus also owns a farm he maintains so a lot of work has to go into that," said organizer and friend, Jeff Hullender.

Officer Dycus tells NewsChannel 9 he's doing okay and has at least six months of rehab ahead of him. He says the community support is overwhelming and he looks forward to helping people again.

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