Texas: Man responsible for crash that crippled local paramedic sentenced

lec Nava, 28, who pleaded guilty earlier to intoxication assault on a emergency worker in connection with the August 2017 traffic accident that left Waco paramedic Rory Barros, 32, critically injured was sentenced to 20 years in prison Wednesday.

After Nava was sentenced, Barros, who said he bears no ill will toward the defendant, said he hopes the jury’s decision sends a message about the potential consequences of drinking and driving.

Assistant District Attorney Danielle London echoed his comments.

The paramedic nearly died twice after the accident, she said, and if he had, Nava would have been tried for intoxication manslaughter and would have faced a 99-year sentence.

Jurors had to sign off on the guilty plea before deciding on the maximum sentence Wednesday.

Deliberations in the punishment trial started late Wednesday morning after the prosecution and defense delivered closing arguments.

Jurors returned the sentence around 12:30 p.m.

Barros, 32, who lost his left leg in the near-fatal testified Tuesday that the accused drunken driver behind the wheel of the car that struck him “cost me three years of my life (and) cost me my job.”

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