The Emergency Responder Safety Institute Releases New Video “Traffic Incident Management Committees Drive Roadway Safety”

The Emergency Responder Safety Institute (ERSI) has released a new video on, “Traffic Incident Management Committees Drive Roadway Safety” that’s an inside look into what a TIM Committee does, how it makes emergency responders’ work easier and safer, and the ways its activities help responders deliver superior service to the public at roadway incidents. How can a TIM Committee make your roadway incident response runs safer, faster, and better? Responder Safety visited a Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission meeting and asked some of its members how they have transformed the ways agencies and their personnel work together at roadway incidents in their area it to give you a model blueprint for a TIM Committee in your community.

“The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission is a well-established TIM Committee with a long history of success,” said Joseph Kroboth, III, project manager. “It’s an ongoing process to keep momentum and build on it as personnel turn over and situations change. We made this video to shine a light on how TIM Committees in general, and the DVRPC specifically, solve problems, serve member and constituent needs, and plan to respond to roadway incidents. Every community can benefit from a TIM Committee, and we encourage leadership from response agencies to get together and start a TIM Committee or actively participate on an existing one to reap the same benefits that southeastern Pennsylvania and southwestern New Jersey have from DVRPC’s work.”

If your local area, region, or state does not have a TIM Committee (sometimes known by other names like TIM Team), you can build support for starting one. Learn more in the free online training module “Starting and Sustaining a TIM Committee” on the Responder Safety Learning Network.

The “Traffic Incident Management Committees Drive Roadway Safety” video is available now on The United States Fire Administration funded this video through a Fire Prevention and Safety grant.

Note for existing TIM Committees: TIM Committees can incorporate reporting struck by and near miss incidents during roadway operations into their procedures. These incidents can be reported at The Federal Highway Administration and nineteen major national organizations support

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