Pennsylvania: Alpha Fire Company Emergency Vehicle Struck

Earlier this afternoon one of our traffic units was struck while on scene of an accident on I99 in the area of MM 68.4. The fire police unit had its sign board in service and FPO Wirtz was starting to deploy cones when a sedan started to slide. The sedan struck our vehicle and came to rest blocking the travel lanes of the expressway. Luckily, FPO Wirtz was paying close attention to oncoming traffic and was able to move away from the advancing vehicle.

Since that original accident, we handled many more accidents between MM 67 and MM 75. At every one of these accidents people were observed driving much too fast for the conditions at hand, with no apparent regard for emergency personnel in the roadway. The events of today should remind every one of us to observe the following:

  1. NEVER turn your back to traffic.
  2. Whenever possible be sure to have a department vehicle between oncoming traffic and the scene. Use your POV only when absolutely necessary and take steps to swap-out your POV.
  3. Do not act as a human pylon…ever.
  4. Be aware of your surroundings and plan for your escape if it should become necessary.

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