Canada: Wainfleet volunteer firefighter struck by vehicle at crash scene

A Wainfleet Fire and Emergency Services volunteer firefighter was injured Tuesday morning after being struck by a vehicle on Highway 3 near Bell Road.

Fire Chief Morgan Alcock said firefighters responded to a single-vehicle crash — a vehicle rolled off the west side of the highway into a ditch — at about 9:30 a.m. and had blocked off the highway before police arrived.

"A red minivan disobeyed an order to detour and drove around the blockade, which was a pumper truck, and struck one of our firefighters," said Alcock.

He said the vehicle drove over the firefighter's foot and knocked him to the ground.

Deputy Chief Shawn Schutten said the firefighter suffered scrapes and cuts to his hands while pushing himself away from the minivan.

Alcock said the firefighter was checked at the scene by a Niagara Emergency Medical Services community response unit, which is based at Fire Station No. 2 in the township.

While not naming the firefighter, Alcock said he's an experienced volunteer who was wearing all of his protective gear at the time.

After striking the firefighter, the minivan fled northbound through the crash scene and was followed by a civilian vehicle.

"The manner in which they fled … it's amazing they didn't strike anyone else. This could have been much worse."

The chief said when people see firefighters on a scene at the side of a road, they should slow down and move over.

"If you see a blockade, obey it. Nothing is that important that you can't take a detour and drive around."

Both Niagara Regional Police and Ontario Provincial Police were on the scene of the crash.

There was no information available on the driver who rolled the vehicle or whether the person driving the minivan had been caught.

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