Georgia: Fire Truck Struck at Crash Scene

Authorities are only reporting a handful of injuries after an accident on I-75 in McDonough that became the scene of a secondary wreck. Henry County Police said they were investigating the first crash on I-75 on Thursday evening. A spokesperson for the department said the crash involved a pick-up truck and two passenger cars.

But it was an additional crash that happened a short time later that nearly involved first-responders themselves. According to the Georgia State Patrol, the driver of a Lexus made an improper lane change and was struck by a tractor-trailer. After the impact, the tractor-trailer pushed the Lexus SUV into a parked firetruck that was blocking two lanes of travel.

Three people were taken to an area hospital for minor injuries in the first accident. The crash involving the fire truck ended up with only one injury though the Georgia State Patrol didn’t have details on how badly that person was injured.

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