Illinois:Chicago police officer struck by vehicle driving wrong way on Lake Street in Loop; 4 in custody

Four offenders are in custody after a Chicago police officer was stuck and injured by a vehicle in the Loop, according to a CPD spokesperson.

Exclusive surveillance video appears to show the moment a Chicago police officer was struck by a vehicle Sunday afternoon. The officer can be seen tumbling to the sidewalk as the dark sedan flees the scene at State and Lake.

Chicago police officers in riot gear, as well as SWAT officers who were already patrolling the area, descended on the intersection near the incident.

"All of a sudden we saw chaos in the middle of State Street," said Libby Andrews, who lives nearby.

Andrews witnessing the hit and run, and captured the moment on Facebook Live.

An ABC7 Chicago team, who was already in the area, observed a single Chicago police officer who appeared to be injured, with his fellow officers treating him.

"All of a sudden the car just took off and hit the cop," Andrews said. "The cop was on the ground. He was on the sidewalk."

Witnesses say that's when they saw a black sedan with damage to its exterior was seen speeding downLake Street in the wrong direction around 12:20 p.m.

"I was thinking it might come up on the sidewalk to run over people, so I immediately ran to hide behind the staircase going up to the L," Andrews said.

The car narrowly missed hitting multiple vehicles stopped at the traffic light just west of State Street before it maneuvered past them and sped off.

"I thought today everything was calmed down, people were out walking around," Andrews said. "I certainly was not expecting anything to happen. I don't know what to think anymore."

At this time, any connection is unknown, though police immediately gave chase on foot and in vehicles, eventually surrounding that battered Chrysler on train tracks at 17th and Clark Street.

CPD officials said officers found stolen goods inside the car.

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