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  • We’re Facing an Epidemic

    We’re Facing an Epidemic

  • Editors Column: Future Planning Meeting in Harrisburg, PA

    Editors Column: Future Planning Meeting in Harrisburg, PA

  • Now is Not the Time to Rest on Our Laurels

    Now is Not the Time to Rest on Our Laurels

  • Editors Column 4-9-18

    Editors Column 4-9-18

  • Dr. Harry Carter: Attacking the “D” Driver Problem

    They are out there all around us on the highways and byways of our nation. They are talking on their phones. They are putting on their makeup. They are reading the newspaper. They are drunk. They are operating without enough sleep. These are the folks that Respondersafety.com has labeled the “D” Drivers.

  • The Journey Continues

    Each of the states which participate in the affairs of the CVVFA spent a period of time sharing what their associations are doing to make the fire service better in their states

  • Struck-By Incidents – Not a New Problem

    Recently Steve Austin forwarded an article which he found in the archives of the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper while performing some recent research. The article involved a struck-by incident from July 1949. Located on the same page was an article warning people about the dangers of driving on the highways during the July 4, 1949 holiday season.

  • Suppose You Called for Help and Nobody Came

    When you are riding out to help others in an emergency, you have one perception of time. But what about the person (s) waiting for you to come? Are you really arriving quickly or do you just think that you are?

  • Responder Safety Lauds New CDC Safety Effort

    It is with a great deal of pride that we here at Respondersafety.com salute a new effort by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They will now study those situations where law enforcement officers dies in ‘struck-by’ incidents.

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