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  • Celebrating Tens Years of Hard Work

    We here at Respondersafety.com took time to commemorate an important event in our history the other day.

  • The Sun is Shining and the Highways are Getting Busy

  • WI Work Zone Fines

    Construction season is here again in Wisconsin, meaning drivers will be dealing with work zones on streets and highways all over Sheboygan County, as highway work crews try to fix potholes and guard rails and lay down new pavement as traffic whizzes by.

  • Work Zone Crashes, Teen Fatalities Down in Illinois

    Two just-released sets of statistics tell the same story, Illinois roadways are getting safer. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, work zone fatalities in 2008 were down 29.6% from 2003. 44 people, including five construction workers, were killed in Illinois work zone crashes in 2003.

  • NJ "Move Over" Law Aims to Safeguard Cops

    State Police Sgt. Antonio Casais never saw the dump truck that rammed into the back of his patrol car, but he'll never forget those harrowing seconds after.

  • 'Move-Over' is the Law in New Jersey

  • GA Driving Law Too Lenient?

    Oconee County sheriff's Deputy David Gilstrap believed in the state's move-over law so much he often would command a pulled-over speeder to sit tight while he chased down a driver who'd just whizzed by in the right lane.

  • 'Move Over Bill' Passes Alabama House

    Rep. Jimmy Martin is calling this year’s Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature “very workable” and “productive” thus far. Martin’s “Move Over Law,” a measure requiring motorists to move over for emergency vehicles parked on the side of the highway when possible, passed the House this week and is on its way to the Senate.

  • The Routine Call: A Place to Die

    During the first week of March we learned of the disastrous highway incident in North Carolina here a firefighter was struck by a car while preparing to assist the motorists injured in a bad-weather motor vehicle accident.

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